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Land and concept

Through a cross-sectional analysis we found the best land option in Puerto Escondido

With more than 15 years knowing the region and supported by a market study, we choose the best land option for each project. According to the conditions and location of the land, we create innovative, disruptive and responsible concepts to optimize the profitability of the project.

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Executive project

We establish a solid planning foundation to guide the project to success

  • Architectural project

    Nagaa is very aware of value creation through aesthetics, with a combination of innovation, functionality and responsibility maximizing the demand for projects.

  • Financial project

    With the market information we make a financial model that allows us to plan flows and mitigate possible operational and administrative risks, generating solid foundations for decision making.

  • Legal project

    We shield the property against possible contingencies, and we create the legal structure with greater legal certainty and fiscal optimization.

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We supervise the process to ensure compliance with our quality, budget and risk control standards

  • Quality Assurance
  • Permit and license compliance
  • Creation of work schedule
  • Monitoring of budget execution
  • Compliance with times
  • On-site follow-up visits
  • Work progress reports to investors
  • Supervision and contracting of insurance
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We guarantee the quality of the service and the proper functioning of the properties in day-to-day operations

  • Reservation management

  • Executive staff management

  • Manage maintenance and repair services

  • Execution of budgets

  • Commercial monitoring on digital platforms

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Asset management

We provide real estate service focused on the preservation and optimization throughout the life of the project to determine a clear path to reach the maximum potential of the property

  • Business plan (commercial positioning of the property, operational structure, capital structure and financial projection)

  • Supervision of sales and fulfillment of objectives

  • Preparation of budgets and risk control

  • Constant asset valuation and financial performance

  • Communication with investors and financial reports

  • Monitoring of macroeconomic, political and financial trends

  • Cash flow management

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