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Responsible Investment

Unconscious real estate development and only focused on profitability deteriorates the social fibers of the community as well as the natural environment, this represents important risks in the value of a property in the medium and long term. For this reason, Nagaa is committed to aligning profitability incentives with care for the environment, the social fabric, and compliance with laws and regulations to preserve the heritage of our investors and achieve stable growing capital gains over the years.

  • Planning and design

    Ensure that the design is consistent with the aesthetic harmony of the region

    Incorporate strategies that positively impact climate change, the region's biodiversity and CO2 emissions

    Incorporate strategies that reduce water consumption and waste generation

    Seek the use of new technologies that reduce the environmental impact of new projects

  • Construction

    Promote the use of materials from the region with favorable bioclimatic construction conditions that aligne with the objectives of reducing environmental impact

    Minimize the waste of materials and seek their reuse

    Protect the quality of the air, water and the subsoil through an exhaustive control of residues

  • Operation

    Align all stakeholders (landlords/tenants/operators) towards an environmentally responsible operation

    Carry out periodic reviews regarding the consumption of water and electricity

    Use technological tools that reduce environmental impact to avoid unecessary transfers, use of paper, fuel and other supplies during operation

    Seek a positive social and economic impact in the surrounding communities

    Communication to guests about environmental awareness and recommendations for actions that support the region through local consumption and involvement with the community

Invest responsibly with Nagaa

Tech Friendly

Nagaa is always at the forefront when it comes to technology, we use it to operate and offer flexible investment vehicles through cryptocurrencies and NFT's to our investors. We know that real estate legal processes can take time and resources from both Nagaa and our investors. That is why we digitized our operation using the following tools:

  • Electronic signature for contracts

    It allows you to sign any document remotely, 100% legal and valid in court.

  • Digital public notary

    Digital public notary services for any real estate operation, as well as the constitution of a companies and commercial agreements for each of our projects.

  • Escrow

    Escrow account that guards deposits until the operation is completed correctly.

Using these tools not only makes life easier for you and Nagaa, we also save resources and reduce our environmental impact by eliminating transfers, messaging and paper.

Legal Certainty

The security of your investment is priority, we make sure to carry out a wide and complete investigation that includes registry investigations, legal study of titles and contracts, regulatory evaluation of topography and appraisal; and of course, the projection of legal mechanisms for the protection of the real estate operation to be carried out.

The regulation of property in Mexico is complex, particularly in agrarian and communal matters. Understanding it requires a high specialty and knowledge between the interaction of the private, the public and the social sectors. Nagaa facilitates the achievement of the objectives sought by investors, especially when it comes to the acquisition of land.

Solutions based on knowledge, experience and ethics

We carry out complex projects, using the most appropriate legal scheme in the design, negotiation and development, considering socio-economic and environmental components

Opportunity in Oaxaca

Historically, the coasts of the Mexican littoral have gone through an evolutionary transition towards private property, the case of the Oaxaca region is no exception and being part of this natural process represents an excellent opportunity for our investors, since we are at a time where mechanisms are being standardized towards the construction of a solid cadastral landbase in the region.

Social responsability

We know that all projects with an impact on communal lands and territories of influence of local communities must be planned and carried out with great social responsibility, ensuring that their effects are beneficial for the locals, respecting their rights and traditions.

We provide the tax strategy that best suits each of your projects in sync with your tax regime, constantly monitoring possible changes and approvals at the local and federal level, with the aim of complying with laws and obligations.

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